The Guardian series is the industry standard for reliable, thermal oxidation and combustion of process gases. Guardian systems are designed to thermally oxidize spent process gases using active flame oxidation. The effluent gases pass through a wall of flame in the main chamber, guaranteeing ignition of flammable and pyrophoric process gas by–products. Over 2,000 installations worldwide have proven the Guardian series is safe and effective at treating flammable gases from process effluents and gas cabinet vent lines. Instantaneous shutoff of fuel and igniters eliminates a potential ignition source from upstream gas flows. With no moving parts, maintenance intervals are extended with MTBF measured in years. 


  • Polysilicon
  • CVD
  • Pyrophoric/flammable gas combustion
  • Gas cabinet vent purge


  • Small footprint 
  • Low cost of ownership 
  • No electrically heated elements for immediate cooldown 
  • Flame flashback prevention system for safe, reliable operation 
  • Natural gas fuelled 
  • Low maintenance requirement 
  • MTBF measured in years 
  • SEMI S2 compliance 
  • CE marked