C91 is an advanced integrated thermal-wet abatement system and is designed to provide a controlled gas treatment environment for today’s demanding semiconductor, LED and flat panel display process chemistry.

C91 uses multiple heating rods with a fault-tolerant system to reduce system downtime. Heaters are evenly spaced in the reaction chamber to ensure that process gas is well decomposed.


  • Polysilicon
  • CVD
  • Pyrophoric/flammable gas combustion
  • Gas cabinet vent purge


  • Fault-tolerance heater design
  • Sedimentation compartment
  • Particles separation system
  • Limited NOx and CO emission
  • Low water consumption and recirculating water system
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Optional accessories available
  • Third party certified, SEMI S2 compliance, CE marked
  • Ethernet ready