cdo 863

The CDO series is an advanced point-of-use integrated thermal-wet abatement system designed to treat flourine generated by plasma chamber clean applications, without the use of fuel or toxic reagents. Constructed with advanced metal alloys for corrosion resistance, the CDO 863 is the safest, most cost effective abatement system for the treatment  of F2 at the POU, ensuring customers the highest reliability and tool uptime.


  • Fluorine-based process chamber cleans 


  • Designed for POU F2 abatement without fuel or toxic reagents
  • Will treat incompatible gases from multiple process inlets
  • Reduced water consumption with recirculation loop
  • Non-clogging entry design
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Advanced alloys for improved corrosion resistance
  • Ease of installation with pressurized drain
  • SEMI S2 and CE complian