What is Abatement?
  1. The ending, reduction, or lessening of something.
    “gas abatement”
    synonyms: subsiding, dying down/away/out, lessening, easing (off)

A short history of Ecosys Abatement

The Ecosys product line was first introduced to the Semiconductor industry in 1993 by ATMI Inc. In this year, the Ecosys division was formed, by ATMI Inc, to compliment the recent acquisition of Vector Industries, with the existing Novapure (dry resin) product line.

Vector Industries

Within the next 6 years, ATMI went on to acquire and merge additional abatement technologies into the Ecosys product range. Initialy, the Guardian burn box was acquired from MG IndustriesDelatech, and then the CDO was added in 1999 after the succesful takeover of Delatech Inc. (Napa, CA).


Under the leadership of ATMI Inc., the Ecosys abatement products went onto become the default gas treatment solution for many of the major semiconductor device manufacturers, in all global regions, and worldwide market share grew to >25%. Further development and growth followed with the introduction of the flagship Marathon unit, which was designed specifically to manage the higher gas flows associated with the larger 300mm wafers. The Marathon tool could also deliver very high abatement efficiencies (>99%DRE) on Global Warming and PFC gas species.

In 2001, ATMI formed the Material Lifecycle Solutions (MLS) group, with the intention of ‘surrounding the process’ with all the necessary ancillary components. The Ecosys products became part of the MLS offering along with Gas and Chemical supply, gas detection, vacuum solutions, etc.  However, as the industry changed and the geographical shift toward Asia moved up a gear, ATMI concentrated on becoming solely a materials manufacturer and decided to spin-off the product based divisions of the MLS group.

Fast forward to 2005 and the Ecosys abatement division was bought over by Applied Materials Inc and immediately merged with the newely acquired Metron Technologies.Metron

The core products of Ecosys, which still included Novapure, Vector, Guardian, CDO and the new Marathon unit, were very quickly subjected to in-house qualification and certified as BKM solutions for all AMAT process tool sets. In conjuction with the semiconductor business, Applied Materials also invested heavily in Thin Film Solar Cell manufacture. Consiquently, the Marathon abatement tool was updated and modified, and to this day is still one of the few abatement tools proven to be able to sufficiently handle the extremely high gas flows and heat loads associated with the solar panel manufacturing process. In the subsequent years, full manufacture of the Ecosys products was outsourced and consolidated into Singapore, and ultimately Applied Materials offered the abatement division up for sale.Old ecosys

At the end of 2011, the Ecosys product line (minus the Litmas Plasma & Nova adsorption technology) was acquired by BHT Services/HT Advance Technologies in Singapore. At the same time, HT Advance Technology also completed the hiring of key personnel involved in the manufacture and product management of the Ecosys products. To this day, HT Advance Technology continue to manufacture and grow the Ecosys brand, and with the registration of our US branch office in 2015, the future looks a bright as our colourful logo…

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Ecosys Abatement LLC are a wholly owned subsiduary of HT Advance Technology Pte (Singapore) Ltd.

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