mARATHON m91pd

M91PD is industry standard for reliable, plasma integrated combustion & wet abatement system with dual reactors.

M91PD is designed with a focus on abatement efficiency and MTBS. The multiple slanted torches design of the M91 and M91D generate a heat zone that maximizes the combustion deposition. The wet wall section prevents formation of by-product powder around the reactor,, which also reduces inlet clogging.


  •  Polysilicon 
  • CVD 
  • Pyrophoric/flammable gas combustion 
  • Gas cabinet vent purge 


  • Dual-reactor 
  • Fail-safe capability
  • Low power consumption
  • Low cost of ownership 
  • Increased processing capacity 
  • Increased abatement efficiency 
  • Increased MTBS